Enquiries to Robert Field or (08) 8339 2065. At the moment no meeting has been scheduled.


Meetings are held at the usual venue of Brian Webber’s residence at 61/22 Towns Street, Michleton starting at 2pm on Saturdays. Please contact Brian for dates. (07) 3354 2140


Meetings will take place by Zoom, or in person over dinner at the Ainslie Football Club on the fourth Thursday of each month. All members welcome. Contact David Cranney, phone 0421 174 951


The next meeting will be at 8.00pm on Wednesday 7th September 2022 at David Hennell’s place, 3/29 Croydon Rd Surrey Hills. (03) 9830 1802.


Enquiries to Geoffrey Clifton. phone 0405 387 478. Note details of the Sydney Get-Together to be held on October 16 in conjunction with the ATA AGM.