These lists of current and historic Australian transport timetables have been compiled by members of the ATA as shown below.

Current Australian Timetables

Area Compiled by Last Updated
ACTION Canberra Bus Timetables Daniel Clinton 14/2/2014
Adelaide Public Transport Timetables Alex Sims 29/4/2018
Newcastle Buses Alan Gray 30/8/2018
Sydney Private Buses Robert Henderson 18/9/2014
Sydney Buses, Ferries and Trains Duncan MacAuslan 18/9/2014
Brisbane Private Bus Operators including Gold Coast Graham Duffin 5/1/2014
Brisbane other Graham Duffin 16/2/2014
Queensland Country Bus/Train Timetables. Steven Haby 11/4/2012
Melbourne Stephen Gray 10/8/2014
Victoria Stephen Gray 10/8/2014
New South Wales Stephen Gray 20/8/2014
South Australian Country and Regional Timetables Steven Haby 28/8/2013
Tasmania Steven Haby 15/10/2012
Perth Alan Gray 8/3/2014
Western Australia Country Steven Haby 8/3/2014
Northern Territory Steven Haby 24/9/2012
National Timetables Steven Haby 28/6/2012

Historic Australian Timetables

Operator Compiled By Last Updated
Adelaide Public Transport Timetables Various 22/1/2017
List of when various Australian Rail timetables were issued (pdf format) Geoff Lambert 23/3/2004
Coachtrans Steven Haby 7/7/2003
Firefly Steven Haby 27/8/2003
Greyhound/Greyhound Pioneer Steven Haby 28/9/2003
Historical Airline Timetables Steven Haby 10/10/2003
McCaffertys Steven Haby 26/8/2003
Murray Valley Coaches Steven Haby 21/5/2003
Murray Valley Coaches in the 1950’s Dirk Spennermann 4/8/2003
Newcastle Buses Geoff Hassall 18/9/2014
Other Express Operators who are no longer in Business Steven Haby 22/10/2003
Pioneer Express/Ansett Pioneer Steven Haby 24/8/2003
VIP Coaches Steven Haby 22/10/2003
Sydney Bus Time Tables History - Government Services Duncan MacAuslan 4/3/2004
Christmas 2004/2005 Holiday Timetable Arrangements.
Christmas 2005/2006 Holiday Timetable Arrangements.