Christmas/New Year 2005/2006 Special Timetable Arrangements.

New South Wales

Sydney Buses:
* Service Adjustments 28-30 Dec 2005 and 3-6 Jan 2006 (details timetable arrangements for the mentioned period) - 
* T-80 Holiday Timetables (25/26 Dec, 28-30 Dec and 31 Dec) - full timetables included covering this period -

Cityrail will operates Christmas/New Year Holiday timetables from December 26th, 2005 to January 2nd, 2006
See Cityrail info at:  for more info.
See Cityrail Holiday Timetables at:  for more info.

Sighted have been:-
* Christmas and New Year timetable 2005/06 - Hunter Line
* Christmas and New Year timetable 2005/06 - South Coast Line
* North Shore Line Upgrade (Mon 26 Dec - Sat 31 Dec)
* Bankstown and Inner West Lines Trackwork (Tues 3 Jan - Wed 25 Jan 06)
All are DL size brochures. The Hunter and SC Lines timetables show full weekend TTs from 26 Dec - 2 Jan, with additional services for the peak periods on 28-30 Dec highligted.
The Bankstown/IW Lines brochure is in 8 languages, but refers to a more detailed brochure "available in mid-Dec"
Subsequently a more detailed DL brochure ‘track work - Bankstown Line - Maintenance and upgrade program - 3 - 25 January 2006 - Railway work in your area”  has been reported but does not contain a timetable for the bus operation.
And later still the actual replacement bus timetable for the Bankstown Line..
It is an Orange DL titled 'Bankstown Line Upgrade (Bankstown and Inner West Lines)'.
It covers only the Weekdays in detail. It mentions which sections of the network will be replaced by buses on weekends but more information for the weekend services will be available online closer to the date.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY TIMETABLE STARTS Thursday 22nd December 2005.
Christmas Day Sunday 25th Dec...................No Service
Boxing Day Monday 26th Dec........................Sunday Timetable
Tuesday 27th Dec..........................................Sunday Timetable
Wednesday 28th Dec...................................Saturday Timetable
Thursday 29th Dec.......................................Saturday Timetable
Friday 30th Dec............................................Saturday Timetable
New Years Eve Saturday 31st........................Saturday Timetable
New Years Day Sunday 1st Jan.....................Sunday Timetable
Monday 2nd Jan.............................................Sunday Timetable
Australia Day Thursday 26th Jan...................Sunday Timetable


Broadmeadows Bus.
Route 532 (Broadmeadows - Craigieburn) will operate Holiday Timetables from 28 December, 2005 until 20th January, 2006.
Route 532 Holiday timetables at: 
See Route 530 Holiday Timetables at:  - same dates.
Route 531 running to normal timetable.

Connex (Trains).
From Wednesday 28 December 2005 until Friday 20 January 2006, the Connex weekday timetable will be altered.
Some peak-hour services, less than 3 per cent of scheduled services, will be withdrawn while the departure times and stopping pattern of other trains will also change.
Holiday timetables have been a feature of public transport in the past few years. They reflect the marked drop in patronage at this time of year (about 30 per cent) and allow more of our drivers to spend the holidays with their families.
More info of Holiday timetables alterations at: 
Two morning peak-hour train services will resume from Tuesday, 17 January 2005. The two services are the 7.03am train from Broadmeadows and the 7.58am train from Dandenong.
In addition, both the 7.29am train from Pakenham and the 7.40am train from Frankston will revert to their normal stopping patterns. This means the 7.29am train from Pakenham will run express from Oakleigh – Caulfield – South Yarra while the 7.40am train from Frankston will run express from Malvern – South Yarra.
The normal weekday timetable will be reintroduced from next Monday, 23 January 2006.

Dysons Bus.

Route 513 (Eltham - Glenroy via Greensborough or Lower Plenty) will operates Summer Holiday timetables from Wednesday 28th December, 2005 until Sunday 29th January, 2006.
See Route 513 Summer Holiday Timetable at:  for more info.

Grenda's will operate the additional weekend evening summer trips on
888/889 to and from Chelsea this year from December 3rd 2005 until the end of April 2006. The slightly longer extension of the services is the result of Term 1 holidays ending on March 26 2006, due to the Commonwealth Games. Trips are now shown in the printed timetable.

Hope St Bus Lines.
Will be running a reduced 509 service over the Christmas period from 24/12 until 16/1. Operating hours as follows:
MON - THURS: 0745 - 1800
FRI: 0745 - 1900
SAT: Normal

Invicta Bus Service Christmas/New Year arrangements are here: 
Christmas & New YearPublic Holiday Services
Posted: 02/12/2005
Saturday 24th December 2005 - Normal Saturday Service.
Sunday 25th December 2005 - No Services.
Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th December 2005 - Public Holiday Services Routes 664 & 691.
Saturday 31st December 2005 - Normal Saturday Service.
Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd January 2006 - Public Holiday Services Routes 664 & 691.


Kastoria Bus. 
Special timetables operate during the Christmas holiday period: 26th December 2005 to 22 January 2006.
Click at:  for Xmas Holiday Timetables for routes 475, 476 & 501.

Melbourne Buslink.
The Summer Xmas/New Year Holiday Timetables commencing from Wednesday 28th December, 2005 until Saturday 21st January, 2006 will operate reduced Monday To Friday and reduced Saturday.
Normal Sunday timetable will continue operate during Summer Xmas/New Year Holiday period.
Route 216 Brighton Beach - Caroline Springs/Route 219 Gardenvale - Sunshine Park/Sunshine West (Pm Sat and All day Sunday).
Route 220 Gardenvale - Sunshine.
Route 215 Highpoint - Caroline Springs/Route 223 Yarraville (Williamstown Rd) - Highpoint.
Route 232 Altona North - Victroria Market.
No Route 218 Albion - Cariline Springs during Summer Holiday Timetables.
Routes 600/922/923 Southland - St Kilda.
Contact Melbourne Buslink Ph. 03 9689 8555 or contact Metlink Ph. 131 638 or Metlink website at:  for more details
Route 216 Holiday Timetabla at: 
Route 219 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 220 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 215 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 223 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 232 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 600 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 922 Holiday Timetables at: 
Route 923 Holiday Timetables at: 
The paper holiday timetable for Melbourne Bus Link routes 600/922/923 shows only a few changes to 600 services during school peak times, almost as per normal. No changes on Saturdays.

Moonee Valley Bus.
Routes 503 (Essendon - East Brunswisk) & 506 (Westgarth - Moonee Ponds) will operates Holiday Timetables from 28th December, 2005 until 21st January, 2006.
Route 503 Holiday Timetable at: 
Route 506 Holiday Timetable at: 

MORELAND: Holiday Season Route Service Level
(Source -  )
Moreland will be operating a Summer Holiday Timetable for the services 510 & 512 from Monday 26th of December 2005 to Sunday 22nd of January 2006. For a copy of this timetable please see your driver or call our depot on (03) 9384-7555.
In addition the following service level will operate of the following dates:
Saturday 24th December - Normal service for 510 & 512
Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day) - No Service for 510 & 512
Monday 26th December (Christmas Day Public Holiday) - Public Holiday Service for 510 & No Service for 512
Tuesday 27th December (Boxing Day) - Public Holiday Service for 510 & No Service for 512
Saturday 31st December - Normal Saturday Service for 510 & 512
Sunday 1st January (New Years Day) - No Service for 510 & 512
Monday 2nd January (New Years Day Public Holiday) - Public Holiday Service for 510 & No Service for 512

Nationalbus (Ventura).
National Bus Company summer timetables effective from 28th December 2005 to 13th January 2006.
They can be accessed via the Ventura Bus Lines website  or the National Bus Company website  (Just click on the route number and click the link to view the summer timetables)
Christmas timetables for National routes are also up on routes that are running on Christmas Day.

Northern Bus Lines.
Route 542 (Roxburgh Park - Oak Park) operates holiday timetable 28 December 2005 - 21 January 2006. It in a A4 photocopy format. The average weekday frequency drops from 25 min to 35 min intervals, and operating hours are also reduced.

Reservoir Bus Co.
The following Reservoir Bus Co. bus routes operating during Holiday timetables from December 26th, 2005 until January 21st, 2006 are:
Route 552 North East Reservoir - Northcote
Route 553 West Preston - Preston
Routes 554/557 Thomastown - Lalor West - Thomastown West
Routes 555 Epping Plaza - Northland (Via Thomastown)/556 Epping Plaza - Northland (Via Dalton Rd)
Route 558 Reservoir - North West Reservoir
Route 559 Thomastown - Thomastown (Via Lalor East - Circular Route)
Route 577 Mill Park Lakes - Epping Plaza
Route 525 West Reservior - Coburg Not running from Late December until 3rd January. Running Limited services from January 3rd till January 11th, 2006 . Normal services resume from January, 11th, 2006.
All A4 photocopy format.

Ryans Bus.
Ryans Bus will operates Xmas/New Year Summer Holiday services from 22nd December 2005 to 17th January, 2006.
See Ryans Bus wensite at  then click Holiday Season.
Route 465 (Essendon - Keilor Park) will operates Holiday services from 22nd December, 2005 until 17th January, 2006.
Christmas Period Timetable Changes
Routes 467 & 468 will running normal Monday to Friday timetables during Summer Holiday Timetables.
Log on at  then click Holiday Seasons shows after Thursday 29 December, then Friday 23 December (should be 30th December) & Saturday 30th December (should be 31st December).

Tullamarine Bus Lines.
Tullamarine Bus will operates Xmas/New Year Holiday Timetables from 25th December, 2005 until 21st January, 2006.
See Tullamarine Holiday Timetables website at: 
Route 477 Moonee Ponds - Broadmeadows/Melbourne Airport via Gladstone Park
Route 478 / 479 Moonee Ponds - Melbourne Airport and Sunbury (via Airport West Shoppingtown)
Route 484 Broadmeadows - Greenvale via Mickleham Road
Route 500 (Broadmeadows - Melb Airport - Sunbury) is running NORMAL services over the Christmas Holiday Period.

V/line will operates Holiday timetables from 24th December, 2005 until 3rd January, 2006.
See V/line Holiday Timetables at:  for more info.

Yarratrams.  says:
Holiday Timetable - Sunday 25 December 2005 to Friday 13 January 2006
Trams will run to altered holiday timetables from first tram Sunday 25 December 2005 to last tram Friday 13 January 2006.
On Christmas Day, Sunday 25 December, services will operate to the Sunday timetable.
The free City Circle Tram will not operate on Christmas Day.
From Monday 26 to Friday 30 December, all tram services will operate to the Saturday timetable (the exception is route 30, which will operate to a normal weekday timetable from Wednesday 28 December to Friday 30 December).
Saturday 31 December - tram services will run to a normal Saturday timetable until 7pm, when special New Year’s Eve services will commence (except for routes 78/79 and 82):
From 7pm to 10pm trams will operate to a 10 minute frequency.
From 10pm to midnight trams will operate to a 15 – 20 minute frequency.
From midnight to 1am trams will operate to a 5 – 6 minute frequency.
From 1am to first scheduled tram on Sunday, trams will operate to a 30 minute frequency.
Sunday 1 January - tram services will run to the Sunday timetable.
Monday 2 January - tram services will run to the Saturday timetable.
Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 January and Monday 9 to Friday 13 January - tram services will run to a special holiday timetable, which will be a Saturday timetable with extra services during morning and evening peaks (the exception is route 30, which will operate to a normal weekday timetable). These timetables can be found online at  or by calling 131 638.