The Association:

The ATA was founded in 1983 as the Australian Association of Timetable Collectors (AATTC) to promote interest in transport timetables around the world. The Association has members in all Australian States and Territories, as well as active members in Europe, Asia and the USA. We are a non-profit organisation.


The constitution of the Association is available online. (86kB PDF)

Outputs of the association


  • : Articles of research into and review of historical timetables and current transport scheduling trends. Have a read now!
  • : The latest available news of timetable and transport happenings from within Australia and around the world. Have a read now!

These magazines not only provide news, but enable members to keep in contact through “Letters to the Editor” and the “Traders Items” column.

Timetable Distribution

The Association runs a Timetable Distribution service. This is an excellent way to get copies of transport timetables from around the world. Timetables, maps, brochures and related material gathered by members and sent to our Distribution Service are made available to members at a nominal charge to cover postage and administration. The monthly members mailout contains a Distribution List which itemises the material available that month. These items are usually current timetables, but occasionally historic items appear also.

Ted Downs Memorial Timetable Auctions

Monthly ATA Auctions offer members the opportunity to buy and sell some rare and historic timetable and related material. A link to the most recent Auction Catalogue is shown on the home page.


Semi-regular ATA meetings held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, offer members the opportunity to meet others who share an interest in Timetable matters, and to catch up with the latest news. These meetings usually include the opportunity to take home interesting timetables from “grab boxes” to which many members contribute.


The President publishes newsletters from time to time - the most recent issue is available on line.


If you have a question, email is best as each function of the association has a permanent email address that goes to the relevant committee member. If you wish to contact the secretary of the association, Richard May, please email, or if you wish, phone him on 0438 364 568.


The “Australian Timetable Association Inc.” is registered in Victoria, as association number A0043673H. The ABN is 74 248 483 468. The association has no physical office, and postal address is 179 Sydney Rd, Fairlight, NSW 2094.