Sydney Time Table History Index

Compiled by Duncan MacAuslan


This historical listing of Sydney bus timetables is not intended to contain every issue of Government bus time tables – such a document would be hundreds of pages long. Instead it records the first and last issue of a series of timetables.

This list is not considered complete and comments/ additions are welcome.


Code: Each timetable has been issued a code, used for cross referencing purposes, beginning:

SS – Sydney State (for a history of the names of Government Operators see What’s in a Name in references below).

SP – Sydney Private

The three digit number relates to the prime route in the timetable and a suffix letter where the number has been used multiple times.

Brackets around an entry indicate the route is deleted.

Earliest date – oldest time table in the author’s collection under this code – not necessarily the first issue.

Latest Date – if deleted the last date the time table was issued– not the route’s deletion date.


Coded – for a while in the 1980s timetables were coded AVTT as in W101. The letter codes used were:



Routes 300 – 399, 417 and industrials


Manly Wharf

Routes 100 – 177



Routes 175 – 299



Routes 400 – 542

The last two digits were the time table code and the first one or two the version number.

The highest number reached was M1006 for the tenth issue of the 144/50 before the system ceased to be used in 1987. The annual serial number remained in use for handbills.

Style –the first date of a major style of time table. A separate document will detail these.

UD UTA District

TG – Transit Graphics


Del/Deleted – last known date of operation

Prev - previous

r/n – renumbered



Warringah Routes 100 - 199

North Shore Routes 200 - 299

Eastern Routes 300 - 399

Western Routes 400 – 499

North Western Routes 500 - 599

Special Tourist and shoppers, also combined ferry bus timetables (to Come)

Private – these timetables are only recorded where the Government has acquired a private route


The following documents referred to in this series are available from the author as pdf files. Email to

What’s in a Name – by Ross Willson – gives details of the various government organisations that have run buses in Sydney.

Industrial Route History – by Duncan MacAuslan – attempts to record all the government industrial services.