Compiled by Steven Haby

Last updated: 28th June 2013

This list documents the current express and other interstate services operated throughout Australia. Included in this list are all services operated by national operators such as Greyhound as well as services that travel between two states but are not normally considered "express" services, e.g. Crisp's Sapphire Coast Express which operates between Melbourne and Ulladulla.

All routes between New South Wales and the ACT are included in the New South Wales list.

Some interstate service between Victoria and New South Wales not listed here may be found in the Victorian Timetable list.

Some interstate service between Queensland and New South Wales not listed here may be found in the Brisbane Private Timetable list.

Only some interstate rail services are  included - others will be added as information becomes available.

Like any list of this nature, it is considered to be a working document. Suggestions and corrections are always welcomed. Please email Steven Haby at  or Lourie Smit at

Operator Service # Route Frequency Date and notes
Countrylink 163 Casino-Surfers Paradise Daily For full details of this timetable and date
refer New South Wales Timetable list

4 separate booklets
164 Surfers Paradise-Casino Daily
171 Murwillumbah-Robina Daily
172 Southport-Murwillumbah Daily
173 Murwillumbah-Southport Daily
174 Robina-Murwillumbah Daily
175 Murwillumbah-Brisbane Daily
176 Brisbane-Murwillumbah Daily
725 Cootamundra-Mildura Daily
726 Mildura-Cootamundra Daily
733 Wagga-Echuca Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
734 Echuca-Wagga Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
741 Albury-Echuca Tue/Thur/Sat
742 Echuca-Albury Tue/Thur/Sat
771 Canberra-Eden Daily
772 Eden-Canberra Daily
773 Canberra-Eden Mon/Wed/Fri
774 Bombala-Canberra Mon/Wed/Fri
781 Queanbeyan-Cootamundra Daily
782 Cootamundra-Queanbeyan Daily
Firefly Express 21 Sydney-Melbourne Daily 1 Feb 2010
Now folded A4 instead of booklet
31 Melbourne-Sydney Daily
55 Melbourne-Sydney Daily
65 Sydney-Melbourne Daily
70 Melbourne-Adelaide Daily
71 Adelaide-Melbourne Daily
80 Melbourne-Adelaide Daily
81 Adelaide-Melbourne Daily
Great Southern Railway   Melbourne Adelaide "The Overland" Perth
Adelaide Sydney "The Indian Pacific"
Adelaide Darwin "The Ghan"
Various 1 Apl 2013 to 31 March 2014.
The previous DL size booklet has been replaced by a double sided A4 glossy sheet.
Kynoch Coaches 253 Toowoomba-Lightning Ridge Mon/Thurs 21 October 2002

A4 folded

256 Lightning Ridge-Toowoomba Tue/Fri
Greyhound Aust National Timetable

Have advised that as from 13/5/2006 paper timetables will no longer be issued - now totally relying on website timetables which may be varied on a day to day basis.

OzExperience   Sydney Cairns
Sydney Melbourne (operated under contract by Adventure Tours Australia)
Melbourne Adelaide (operated under contract by Adventure Tours Australia)
Adelaide Alice Springs (operated under contract by Adventure Tours Australia)
Alice Springs Darwin
Alice Springs Cairns (operated by Desert Venturer)
Darwin Cairns (operated by Desert Venturer)
Feb 2006 31 August 2006
Premier Motor Service 3 Melbourne-Sydney Daily December 2007  DL
1 Eden-Sydney Daily
2 Sydney-Eden Daily
4 Sydney-Melbourne Daily
Premier Motor Service 10 Sydney-Coffs Harbour Daily September 2008  DL
11 Brisbane-Sydney Daily
12 Sydney-Brisbane Daily
14 Sydney-Brisbane Daily
15 Brisbane-Sydney Daily
17 Coffs Harbour-Sydney Daily
40 Surfers Paradise- Brisbane Daily
41 Brisbane-Lismore Daily
42 Lismore-Brisbane Daily
43 Brisbane-Lismore Daily
46 Lismore-Surfers Paradise Daily
Premier Motor Service 16 Brisbane-Cairns Daily September 2007 DL
19 Cairns-Brisbane Daily
20 Brisbane-Cairns Daily
21 Cairns-Brisbane Daily
V/Line Passenger - Adelaide-Albury "Speedlink" Daily For full details of this timetable and date
refer Victorian Timetable list

North East Victoria booklet

Melbourne-Albury service operated by Hoys.

Melbourne-Shepparton-Tocumwal-Griffith services operated by Hoys.

Adelaide-Albury service operated by Hoys.

Moama services operated by Dysons.

- Albury-Adelaide "Speedlink" Daily
- Albury-Melbourne Fri
- Albury-Mooroopna Mon/Wed/Thur/Sat
- Benalla-Mulwala Daily
- Bendigo-Moama Daily
- Canberra-Wodonga "Canberra Link" Daily
- Corowa-Wangaratta Mon-Fri/Sun
- Griffith-Shepparton Daily
- Melbourne-Albury Fri
- Melbourne-Bendigo-Moama Daily
- Melbourne-Shepparton-Moama Fri
- Melbourne-Shepparton-Tocumwal Mon-Fri
- Moama-Bendigo Daily
- Moama-Bendigo-Melbourne Daily
- Moama-Shepparton-Melbourne Mon-Fri
- Mooroopna-Albury Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat
- Mulwala-Benalla Daily
- Shepparton-Griffith Daily
- Shepparton-Moama Mon-Thur
- Tocumwal-Shepparton-Melbourne Daily
- Wangaratta-Corowa Mon-Fri/Sun
- Wodonga-Canberra "Capital Link" Daily
V/Line Passenger - Adelaide-Bendigo "Daylink" Daily For full details of this timetable and date
refer Victorian Timetable list

East Victoria booklet

All eastern services operated by Dysons.

- Batemans Bay-Sale "Sapphire Coast Link" Tue/Fri/Sun
- Bendigo-Adelaide "Daylink" Daily
- Canberra-Sale Tue/Fri/Sun
- Narooma-Sale "Sapphire Coast Link" Mon/Wed/Thur/Sat
- Sale-Batemans Bay "Sapphire Coast Link" Mon/Thurs/Sat
- Sale-Canberra Mon/Thur/Sat
- Sale-Narooma "Sapphire Coast Link" Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun
V/Line Passenger - Mt Gambier-Warrnambool Daily For full details of this timetable and date
refer Victorian Timetable list

SouthWest Victoria booklet

Operated by South Western Roadways.

- Warrnambool-Mt Gambier Daily
V/Line Passenger - Barham-Bendigo Mon-Fri/Sat For full details of this timetable and date
refer Victorian Timetable list

North Victoria booklet

Services operated by Dysons.

- Barham-Melbourne Daily
- Bendigo-Barham Mon-Fri/Sat
- Deniliquin-Heathcote-Melbourne Daily
- Melbourne-Barham Daily
- Melbourne-Heathcote-Deniliquin Daily
V/Line Passenger - Ballarat-Mt Gambier Mon-Fri For full details of this timetable and date
refer Victorian Timetable list

West Victoria

- Mt Gambier-Ballarat Mon-Fri